It's requested. You can do this by filling in the following form "ViaVerdi10 - Inquiry Form", also accessible on the main page of each language of the site.

Guests arrival

Scheduled from 17 to 20. Otherwise it must be agreed.

Prices (daily rate)

Room for single use

  • Minimum price: € 15.00
  • Maximum price: € 35.00

Double use room

  • Minimum price: € 30.00
  • Maximum price: € 70.00


Normally no animals of any kind are accepted, for any needs we kindly ask you to contact us via the form of the site "ViaVerdi10 - Inquiry Form",


  • Normally it is done on arrival, during registration;
  • They must be in cash in the current Euro currency
  • Regular receipt is issued;
  • For important and / or long-term reservations, an advance may be requested, payable by bank transfer or credit card;
  • Any request for advance payment and / or payment by credit card must be previously authorized in writing by the B&B Manager.


  • Managers are not responsible for stolen and / or missing items on the property;
  • Custody allowances are not accepted.


  • Accurate, using the normal family organization;
  • The cleaning of the rooms and bathrooms are daily;
  • Change of linen three times a week and at every change of guest;
  • To avoid waste and protect the environment, the change of linen will be required by the guest when necessary;
  • The use of the toilets is shared, as far as the shared solution is concerned;
  • The use of the toilets is private as regards the independent solution;
  • Breakfast will be provided with a cafeteria, packaged food and drinks without any kind of manipulation;
  • The breakfast is of the "buffet" type.


  • Accommodation can only be given to people with an ID document with a valid ID photo - NOT expired (identity card or passport);
  • The general declaration form will be completed by the manager or by the customer himself;
  • The card will be delivered to the local public security authority;
  • Smoking is not allowed inside the premises.


Once the completeness of the documentation and the admissibility of the request have been verified, a refund will be made six months after the date of receipt of the request. The costs of the necessary operations will be deducted from the refund.

Refund request in writing with the following information:

  • amount paid;
  • print of the B&B authorization for payment;
  • official printing of the payment receipt;
  • IBAN bank details on which to make the transfer;
  • date, place and handwritten signature of the applicant.

Refund is not possible in the case of:

  • advance payments for non-agreed bookings;
  • advance payments by credit card, Paypal and / or bank transfer not previously authorized;
  • in case of non-arrival not agreed.